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friends life changes after marriage

Are you married? Did this happen to you too after marriage? Why?

According to the University of Georgia study, both men and women grow less agreeable over the first . . . more

Amazingly, your emotional stability changes after marriage. When you ask yourself why, obviously it is the difference in status. After you were introducing him as your boyfriend, now you would say your husband/wife. 

Man Crying in Therapy life changes after marriageYou didn’t know that part before marriage, you thought that you’d happy forever; which of course was not the case. Love after marriage shrinks not due to any specific reason. Not too many people know that. Even depression could get you under its wings b/c your expectations were not met gracefully.

In some instances, the signs appear gradually through the transitional period between being single versus being married. There are early signs of marriage incompatibility such as: being critical for everything the other party is doing, boredom, lack of intimacy, repetition of same disagreement points. … more

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