Family Miscommunication Solutions(4)!

When you feel frustrated try to vent out or exercise! 😉
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Without a doubt, the number one mistake I see people (especially couples) make in their communication with each other is that they get stuck in fix-it mode.

4 Ways to Be There for Your Friend Who Is Having Work TroublesHelloGigglesWhat is this fix-it mode?

Being in fix-it mode can mean that you are already thinking of solutions as soon as your friend, loved one, or colleague starts talking about a problem. Your response may appear proactive and caring to you, but is taking away a learning opportunity more

Are there toxic people in your life? Who hasn’t? It’s normal to have at least one in each family. It has to be a relative bc strangers’ bad comments it could hurt for a little bit and then disappear and forgotten, but when it is a close relative, it hurts quite so much. It could live with you forever.

You do not have to continue in taking rubbish and blames for nothing you did. It could turn your life into hell. Sometimes, out of love, you keep bringing up excuses for yourself to continue in that stuck position, but you don’t have to. Try to get rid of this and immediately.

How can you do this?

Here’s a number of solutions that could solve everything for you. More to say in your next post.

Until we chat again, talk about what bothers you, this will give you a stress-relief, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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