“On” Or “Off”?

Oh! Welcome back dear friends and readers from the US, Mexico, Australia, India, Denmark, and the UK 😉

TV has its tremendous effect on people. Since I am one of these people, I decided for almost three years now, not to watch the general TV. I only watch what I need. TV watching  has its pros and cons, or negative and positive effects, especially when it is on all the time. Since the moment you get back home after work, whether watching it or not, your fingers press the “ON” button and it goes non-stop, until your bed time.

Thinking of positive effects, the first thing that would come to mind is learning and inspiration. Many times while watching a TV show or a movie, I would have a nice idea coming to me based on an opinion that I watch via this or that program. For example, watching “Shark Tank” a famous TV show, which discuss opportunities for entrepreneurs and how to start their businesses or to ask for financial support from the crew who is hosting the show.

That show educated me about the business world, and how people seek to pursue their dreams or new ideas via business men who were in that field for some time. In turn, I encourage d my son to try to participate in that program when I found him interested in inventing a security device that can help many people in all ages. He did took my advice and he succeeded.

On the other hand, TV has its negative influence, for example the channels which tvhave crime, violence, porn, coke and marijuana excessive usage affect youth behavior or attitude in life. Some young people can become addicts for these bad examples. My daughter’s schoolmate had a brother who was driven into  that current of mob style life, and he left his family’s home to join a gang in Santa Ana, CA. My daughter automatically kept away from that girl once she heard her telling that story.

TV is good for entertainment, educational purposes, and awareness of what is going on in the world. As a teacher, I use it in my communicative approach, when I introduce few clips or episodes to my students in class. It helped them in the way they pronounce the words, or the way they should interact in certain situations. Basically, it is a role-play communicative method.

A lot of TV watching is not good for your eyes, weight, health, focus, time, sociability, and your life in general. Therefore, I would say that moderate exposure to TV shows was useful to my life, but other than that, if I had extra time, I would go out, talk to people or enjoy the nature.

Two faces for the same coin, as many other things in our lives, but again it’s real life!

Until we talk again, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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