Pls. Ask “Why?”

A great weekend, with a lot of boating and sea breeze! Welcome our wonderful guests from everywhere, including the US, & Uganda 😉

Asking questions is good. It shows that  we can use our minds effectively, the way it should be. We do not mean that you should be nagging people or irritating them.

This comes in answer to Brandy who thought that he was asking too many questions which made people avoid talking to him. But I assure you, Brandy, that most of the time, people who ask questions are admired.

I encourage my students all the time to ask “Why”, which is missing from the lives of many of us. My neighbor never asked her physician why she was taking that medication, or what kind of side effects that med had.

One place that you should actually ask a lot of ‘whys’ is any clinic you step into. For one, you need to know why they take your Image result for someone thinkingblood, and for a second, what are you afraid of? It is just words coming out of your mouth. Nobody will bite you 😛

Do not hesitate or apologize for asking questions, especially when it comes to your health. For God’s sake, it is your life, so do not act as if it belongs to somebody else.

Sometimes, the nurse who prepares you for the physician, taking your vital signs or asking you the reason why you want to see the doctor, acts as if it is not important to tell you what is going on. If she did, initiate talking and ask firmly: “how’s my pulse, how’s my temperature, how’s my heart beats? How’s my blood pressure?” She is paid to help you understand if you were in a good condition or not.

It is your right to ask and to be clear about everything taking place. You’re not asking just because it is your right to know, but it is for your best interest to be aware of your blood pressure, and anything related to your body. It is your duty to yourself. You owe yourself and your health that much.

Tara told Nancy that she was shy to say “Why the doctor ordered some lab work for her”. What? Shy of what? She was not shy wearing the shortest short and walking the streets, which some girls would be really bashful to do!

Pls never confuse the things that you should be shy of with the things that you ought to do. It’s just embarrassing to say that. Asking questions makes things clear to your mind.  It could happen that things do not make sense, and when you ask the questions you have, it will make it crystal clear in your precious mind.

Shall we take a quick break and come back. Yes.

Until we chat some more, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤


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