Classes Or Life?

We are so grateful for having you with us, and we hope to see you all the time, especially our friends from the US, Uganda, Mexico, n India 😉

Learning is a mental doing, while hands-on learning is a physical one, but still accompanied by mental processing.

Some people argue that learning in class is better than just learning from life. Others think that life is more generous in its teaching, and its gains. Therefore, grades in schools are not such important as we try to emphasize for our kids.

A number of examples is given including Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, and Churchill. They either dropped high school to pursue their dreams, or were good at one or two subject, and less than average in the rest of the classes.

famous people celebs struggled grades school bad 4 Famous people who proved that good grades really arent everything (17 Photos)famous-people-celebs-struggled-grades-school-bad-7           famous-people-celebs-struggled-grades-school-bad-3

Is this a rule? Certainly not. Ruby is brilliant, she invented something very special in a scientific lab, and her invention is going to be in the market, and everyone is going to make use of her invention. She is similar to many inventors who surprise us every single day with new tools  to use in our daily lives.

We did not mean to confuse you. What we are trying to say is that learning in a classroom setting is good, and learning outside the class is also as important. In the class, the reasons are such as being with other people around you, to know how to interact with them, or to gain social skills in dealing with different situations with them. While in the outside learning gives you life facts that may not be taught in class.

When you were a kid, your parents showed you how to greet others, or how to use the bathroom appropriately. Then by the time you went to school, you knew how to do both without the need to learn that. It’s only a simple example.

More complicated things and study matters take place in school; for example, you have a chemistry lab in school where you can run simple experimental lab work, Image result for guitarbut at home, you do not have this lab. In class, you may have the method, while you’re having the instrument (guitar) at home. You can seek the methods of learning, the facility where you want to conduct your experiments, or the teacher who can explain difficult specialized matters that your folks are not qualified enough to explain it to you.  

The school does not have to be a high school or any traditional setting, we talk here about any schooling. For example, “Hair & Beauty Schools”, vocational or technical schools. Some of us are not interested in reading numbers or writing articles, but rather paint a vehicle. Great! It’s a job that s/he can do and can learn.

I hope you got our point, and you know what you can enjoy while learning.

With our love, hugs, & kisses until we talk to you again ❤


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