“X” or “Y”?

Babies are miracles! Who wouldn’t appreciate them, but let’s first say hello to our readers and friends from the US, Italy, New Zealand, Kenya, Tunisia, Czech Republic, & India 😉

To continue our chat on how to choose your baby-boy or your baby-girl, what is the best method that you can use, and what kind of risks You should expect with this assignment, we will first explain few things.

A number of people were concerned about cost, we provide a link by the end of this post, under references yxfor answering this question. It will give you some details about how much approximately you should expect to pay for any of these procedures, and the length of time you would need to follow up with your specialist.

Regarding the risks involved with all these various channels of gender selection, yes, there is quite a few, including  but not limited to: multiple pregnancy, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), pelvic infections, internal bleeding during egg collection, ectopic pregnancy, & others.

Emotionally speaking, there might be other risks similar to depression or anxiety. The babies born via these methods might be affected in some cases, according to the research done.

The Ethics Committee for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has established the following guidelines:

Physicians should be free to offer preconception gender selection […] if the couples 1) are fully informed of the risks of failure, 2) affirm that they will fully accept children of the opposite sex, if the preconception gender selection fails, 3) are counseled about having unrealistic expectations […], and 4) are offered the opportunity to participate in research to track and assess the safety, efficacy and demographics of preconception selection.

Hence it is your decision, before you take it, do the math and never be alone in this critical moment, open your heart to other people close to you, and ask for their advice or opinion.

Our dear friends and readers, tomorrow we’ll take you to a new spot, so hang around, keep digging into our topics, they’ll inspire you at one point.

Until then, give us your biggest hugs ❤

. Cost of gender selection.

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