The Truth Is…

Thank you friends from the US, the UK, Uganda, Mexico, Singapore, n Spain 😉

I’m sure that Martin could be right. He said that changing his nose size would affect his future, and that he decided to go to that specialist in Canada to do that plastic surgery to get what he wants.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery in the world. Some of Hollywood’s most famous stars have undergone nose jobs in order to have an ‘ideal nose’ that they are truly satisfied with, but even more everyday citizens are opting to have the procedure done. If you are displeased with your nose or you are having nasal or sinus problems, you should speak with a surgeon to find out if you are eligible for the surgery.

Good luck, Martin! But..

Before doing this, and taking such a major procedure (although they would tell you otherwise), think deeply about what you are going to do pls. Plastic surgeries are not fun at all as they sound to be. Promotional campaigns make plastic surgery sounds like an exciting event, or an enjoyable trip that you are going to have, but the truth is that it is not.Image result for surgeon

– Ask yourself, friends, family members, anyone whom you trust their frank opinion about the surgery you have in mind. Listening to others’ opinions sometimes is enlightening.

– There is no embarrassment in having a plastic surgery, but only if it really needed, not just for the sake of funny reasons. It’s a serious surgery. (Any surgery is a big operation no matter how short it is)

– Men or women should be equally careful when it comes to plastic surgery, coz it could mess their whole lives.

– Sometimes it is better to choose a woman dr for female patients, and a male dr for male patients when it comes to certain areas. Personal experiences and being the same gender makes a lot of difference.

– No-one needs plastic surgery, it’s all illusions.

– Stay away from trends and sensitive areas of your body, coz when you’re getting older, you’d suffer more.Image result for surgeon

– If the doctor said “No”, accept it without further investigation. It’s for your best.

–  Choose your surgeon very carefully, after a full history revision. The surgeon would protect herself/himself perfectly well by having you signing a thousand papers in case something went wrong.

Be smart and aware of your beauty. You are beautiful the way the Creator brought you to life. Appreciate your beauty, and don’t let anyone change that beautiful image you have of yourself.

Until we talk again, here’s our kisses and hugs ❤


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. Plastic Surgery.


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