By Night!

Well, they said it was a sign! Welcome our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Serbia, Australia, the Philippines, India, and Romania 😉

Why do people  dream?
Dreams can happen to anyone of us. Everyone dreams! If’s funny, because it carries two meanings! Here we mean the dreams we have during our sleep by night.
What is the cause of dreams?
Nobody knows yet why we dream. Many research were done. The researchers were only able to describe part of what’s going on with our brains while dreaming, but the cause behind the process itself is still unknown.Image result for sleeping girl
What is the purpose of having a dream?
Some researchers suggest that dreams serve no real purpose while others believe that dreaming is essential to mental, emotional and physical well-being.
Do we have a dream every night?
Yes, we dream every night, but we do not always remember our dreams. Sometimes, we remember parts of our dreams, or one dream out of several, or nothing at all. It’s been one of the secrets that humans could not solve yet, so are many others.
Many people interpret dreams or work with dreams’ interpretation. It’s like a craft that existed since the beginning of the creation. Perhaps few believe in the slptranslation of dreams, but the dreams’ reader would tell you a famous phrase: “Well, it’s a sign!” so pay attention. Haha!
I read many books about dreams’ interpretation, and it is so amazing in the way they are explained, as if it was true. It’s so convincing that you would forget the reality of that they are mostly guessing things, which might not exist at all in our lives. But it’s quite an entertainment. 
If you like to talk more about your dreams, I’m here waiting for your comment or your questions.

Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

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