Certain Way!

Some days are mine, and others are yours! Welcome to all of you especially from the US, India, The United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, European Union, the United Kingdom, n Brazil 😉

Each one of us does things differently in a certain way. We adopt and adapt our ways of how to deal with situations everyday according to our experiences, education, backgrounds, n other factors. It evolves over time and consequently our shifting from one status to the other, is not recognizable for us as we think it is. We couldn’t really see it as clear as like two things separated by a straight line, it’s rather a vague outline. The reason is that the change is continuous.

My neighbor can go to run his errands in his p.j. or boxer; he’s so careless when it comes to others’ opinions of him, for he does this or that. My other next neighbor is very well-dressed lady, who selects her clothing very carefully, and never in casual outfits.

When it comes to my own choices, personally I can adjust according to the what I’m attending, whether casual or formal. for example, I can ride my car in my swimming suit, to drop off a letter in the post-office box, if I’m staying at my beach house!
Image result for on the beach in a formal dress

There’s no certain pattern which is good or bad. It all depends on the person who is conducting this behavior, her motive, goal, or intention.

In some formal occasions, some people do not appear in their formal outfits, for a reason. It’s not a big deal. There is no such a thing such as it “must-be” formal, unless the person is getting married or graduating; and even this sometimes, due to certain circumstances, can not be fulfilled.

Not a big deal, really. Be relaxed and take your time, enjoy life. It’s too short, or at least it is shorter than what you would imagine.

I love you all, be nice to each other, take good care of yourself and your beloved ones. Enjoy the company of the ones you feel good around, and be thankful for everything. Embrace your moments.

Until we chat some more, here’s our hugs & love ❤


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