Mother’s Day’s Here! ♡

Thank you dear friends and readers from everywhere. It’s always pleasure to have you with us, particularly from the US, India, the UK, Lithuania, Mexico, n Belgium 😉

My 1Zumba friend, I hope you remembered to say “Happy Mother’s Day” for your mom. It’s the least thing, one can do for mom, and I’m saying this not coz I am a mom, but coz I know the burden of being a mother.

Imagine yourself, having a bag hooked up to your body, carrying it for only 1 week, day & night, not even 7-9 months. In your imagination, try to live this, and I’m certain that you would understand how hard carrying a baby for many months is, within you own body and feeding on your own blood.

Not that I’m unhappy  that I did, but I want men to think for a moment how great & enduring a mother is. It is a challenge to be a mother, and not everyone is capable of passing this hard test of motherhood. 

So before taking your decision in being a mother, educate yourself about how motherhood is coz it is not only a matter of carrying a baby inside your belly; it’s far more than that, although it is still one tough part of the process 😀

In the US, Mother’s Day is the 2nd Sunday of May, I’m not sure why this is, in other countries, they have a specific days, some in March, some in April, & mostly in the Spring time.

Janet, 1Zumba friend, your opinion is valid one. Jealousy between sisters is normal, but between a mother & a daughter is not, in my own view. Between two girlfriends, yes there is a lot of jealousy, it’s very natural. Girls by nature are jealous of each other. They are raised up to compete with other girls. It’s in the culture, at all levels, even in the royal palaces, there is a lot of jealousy between females.

When we were in the swimming pool two day ago, someone approached me asking, what kind of make-up I was wearing, to which I answered I wasn’t. My daughter thought she was weird,  coz she kept staring at us 😳

Then when we were about to leave, she asked us about where we had our hair done, expressing her wishes to have the same hair color. I thought she was only trying to be nice, but my daughter’s friend said, that the way she was looking indicated a real friction of enviousness.

The bottom line is girls are competitive, which is good, and sometimes it is not. Coz if someone is going to bring up the best in you, this would be great, but if someone is gonna just feel spiteful, this is a big ‘No’, and better to stay away from her/him.

Anyway, going back to our Mother’s Day, I was invited out to a brunch, open buffet, and I had the greatest time ever with son, daughter, & a friend. I wish each one of you had the same delight of celebrating this day, even if it was with your neighbor. What matters is that you celebrate this nice occasion, which bring people together.

Mothers! This is your day. Raise your head up, & be proud of being a mother; not everyone can be one 🙂

Now, it’s time to say goodbye, just for the time being, and then we will be back to chat some more about one of my favorite shows. Love  & kisses sophieChannel                   Qatar AirwaysLovely Wholesale

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