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Comparing handguns is not easy.  You must have heard the words: pistol, gun, Image result for color real gunrevolver, or handgun as they are used alternatively, but you don’t really know the exact difference between them.

It’s not only you. There are many who never heard or seen any. According to our references:

Both are handguns. A revolver contains a revolving cylinder in which bullets are loaded. Revolvers usually hold six shots. The ATF defines a pistol as any handgun that does not contain its ammunition in a revolving cylinder.

Image result for what is the difference between a gun and a revolver

Related image

For you, probably what you know about weapons  is only through your TV shows or movies, where you see an actor hold a gun defending himself or his family. It all seems too easy to do,  but in fact, it is never as simple as it appears on your screen.

Why? Coz if you thought about it, it’s taking a human soul forever!😈

Ask yourself this: “Can I kill a dog/ a cat/ a chicken?” If your answer was yes, you’d be ready for a security job or borders guards. 🙂

It’s a brief chat, but thanks for being here, and until we chat again about some amusing movies, stay cool with our hugs and kisses



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