2nd Picture!

Frank/ly speaking, you have something special. 😉 You can smartly play your cards, but …let’s first welcome our readers and friends from the US, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, India, Slovenia, Egypt, Serbia, Turkey, and Brazil 😉

Based on certain experiences, you build up your armor of knowledge. In this age, it is not about weapons any more, it is rather about mind. It’s totally mind-games, and if you don’t know that yet, you better catch up with the latest war technologies and strategies.

Fear is one vicious weapon, and it makes you get scared of future events that probably would never happen, but when you hear over the radio or in your TV set that there is a prep for nuclear war, and that South Korea is ready to go into war with the US, it is so frightening. When you are a head of a household, and you have a family that you care of, this is a killer to listen to such news.

However, how else the media would grab your attention this is the only method that they can do that, because no other ways would work. You’ve been exposed to many alerting news over the years. You’ve exposed to blood in your news on a daily basis, or you see it iii while watching your night movie., so it is escalating. 

Everything starts as a dot, and then this dot would be getting bigger and bigger! Got it?!

Back to our three pictures and your hunting skills, our 2nd picture was taken by one of my student in a SF school. It’s an ESL class and all students are in the process of preparing themselves to pass the TOEFL exam, in order to be able to get into college or university in the US. That student took that  picture to send it to his family in another country.BadModelClassColors-Sophie

They replied to him with a joke making fun of the size of the class and the colors of the walls. Of course, it is understandable that each culture is different, so the taste for colors could vary to a great extent among people, communities, or cultures.

Anyway, Yougori, my student was cheerful and saying funny things about himself, and that make everyone in the class laughing in a good way. He expressed his desire to be a professional photographer. Here’s what he said:

Photography is my favorite subject in my life. If I go to travel with my camera, I could take great pictures all over the world. A hidden places in country side, different views from different seasons. Furthermore, I could meet people around d the world and I could take a portrait from them.

Traveling in worldwide also reach me to touch with different cultures that I have never experienced. It would be very interesting experience to know other cultures. If I go to ethnic group , like the Masai, They must have completely different views of life and it might be a great impact to me to know their difference.

Traveling all over this world is not easy. We need time and financial establishment. Therefore I can say this is the my biggest dream in my life.

That was the story behind our 2nd picture, you can compare it with any other ideas that came to your head when you saw that picture for the first time. If it is within the same outline, your guessing skills are good, if not you need to be in-shape.

Until we speak again, dig further deeper and deeper to get to the tricks you need to learn. Your life is full of tricks and that is normal for some so be good to others, and stay warm with our hugs and kisses

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