From Japan!

There is always a treasure, you just need to see it! 😉 Dreams are nice but in order to be accomplished, they have to be realistic! 😉 Thank you for being here from everywhere: the US, India, and Bahamas 😉

My dream is to be a registered nurse in the United States. Working as a RN makes pretty good money to make living. Plus, having that kind of skill and licence help me to find a new job easily if I got fired or laid off.

In order to reach and accomplish my dream, I have to get into a nursing program, graduate from the program and pass the board exam. In addition, I have to get a permission to work in the United States. I have to get a green card which is like the permission for me to stay in the US without going to school.

There are two possible ways that I can think of to get a green card. One is winning the green card lottery. And, the other is getting married to an American residence. Hopefully, I can win the lottery because I don’t see hope that I can get married to an American woman.Image result for Japan

I could become a nurse in Japan and work there, but I don’t want to work in Japan. I put my value into my personal life more than work. To me, work is the mean to make living. In Japan, Ideology is work comes first no matter what.

People in Japan dedicate their Life to work so much. Thus, they tend to work over time. I don’t want that to happen to me. I want to be a nurse and make decent money and enjoy my private life. in the USA where people put more value to their personal life.

Those were the words of one of my students whom I asked to write about their dreams!FromJapan-Sophie

Until we talk more, browse in our topics to find your treasure with our hugs and kisses

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