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Thank you dear readers and visitors for all the time you spend with us everyday. We appreciate your visits and your comments, and we wish that you’d find our pages useful, as well as amusing  to keep coming back again and again. 😉

Thanks our new friends n fellows from the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, China, France, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Netherlands, n Switzerland 😉

Today our guest is Jonathan Austria, a nice great fitness instructor in the Philippines, who would like to share his life experiences with all of you. He is a member in our 1ZumbaCircles Group on FB, and he is very enthusiastic about fitness.

Here he is:  hello & welcome.

jo11- How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jonathan Austria, born in Marikina City in the Philippines, on 6/25/1984, single male.

2- What kind of experience you have?

My Experiences include:
– Group exercise coordinator and instructor of fitness.
– Oversee and coordinate group exercise classes.
– Assist the fitness center management in the administration and delivery of the group exercise programs.
-Perform group exercise monitor and educate clients in maintaining exertion levels and safety in order to exploit benefits from work out routines.
– Co-founder and instructor, prime location point dance studio, Philippines staff, management, marketing.
– Perform group exercise, carry out fitness evaluations and consultations
– international wiring system: taping, clipper, n perform any other duties
– choreographer: dance group and performer.
– create new dance routines and performance and dance, sequence for the group
– Provide training and motivation for the group.

Jo3- How are you seen in the Philippines?
 I am recognized as one of the Philippines top group fitness instructors, choreographer and freestyle instructor with over nine years’ experience in fitness and dance industry.

My strength lays on the ability to breakdown choreography and determination to deliver memorable performance. I have excellent communication skill and ability to engage clients. My passion and enthusiasm enables me to do the work efficiently and achieving the goals of the organization.

4- What is your core competency?
Professional: Zumba, Zin, Zumba Jammer Asia Candidate.
Les Mills: Body Jam, Hip Hop, Retro, LesMills: Body Related, Advance first aid and CPR certificate, Fitness marketing, client engagement personal, excellent communication skill motivational skill, networking, leadership.

5- How would you like others to contact you?

Thank you for sharing all this valuable info with us all Jonathan Austria, and we wish you all the best. Good luck for you, and for all other Zumba instructors or Zins.

Now, and before we say goodbye, we like to thank our 1Zumba friend Caroline for her nice comments and continuous support. You are so wonderful person, and you deserve to have everything nice in your life for your clean heart and great attitude towards others. I wish you all the best.

Also, I wish that everyone on this Earth be good and nice to each other. Nobody is gonna live forever, no matter what! Right?! We are all visitors for some time, and then leaving it all. Remember to be good to each other. Be happy 🙂SophieChannel

4 thoughts on “1Zumba’S PhilippineS

  1. Thank you 1zumba and also Sophie for sharing this blog!
    I really appreciate this!!

    Let me share my passion to all readers
    Live healthy with fun! enjoy workout with pain and gain a result !
    God bless you all

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