Thanks 1Zumba Party

Sure we thank our current and new readers from the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Latvia, French Guiana, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Ghana, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Panama, Australia, and Peru ūüėČ

Too many things we want to tell you. Believe me! If I had the time, I would talk to you forever!

Sometimes, it’s kind of a stream of thoughts, needs to be written down or recorded instantly, coz; otherwise, I’ll forget it. I do ¬†jot¬†down fragments as few¬†reminders for the whole thing,¬†until the right option comes to my attention. If I forget it, it may come back again, but sometimes it does not.

so6Let me tell you something: I love you!  I know you love me, but may be you like not everything I like. As a friend, I will respect you . I will help you. I will be there when you need me. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, I will appreciate every single moment you give me. Your single moment gives me zillion instances of fun, liveliness, and satisfaction.

Some think they should¬† click on the option “Like”, in order to express their support, liking, friendship, existence, or others. However, the truth is you don’t have to say I “like” or “dislike” this page. It is all about numbers and statistical matters for the network/website, for the product, for the percentage of sales, for the best time to sell an item for people.

Your likes or dislikes are used as indicators for media purposes. Few are aware of this point, but the majority consider it as an effective way to add success to the post, which is untrue!

Sometimes, people get scared to say I like this page, coz their partners may get angry, or their boss, or their kids may disapprove of what they express in liking. I guess, you know what I mean! In your heart, you will still continue to like it, read it and enjoy it, even if you do not explicitly express that for people surrounding you.

This is life my dear, and unless you free yourself from all the fears you live in, no one would be able to help you, or to get you your freedom. You need to be free, you need to have the real desire of being free. 1Zumba gives you this freedom, by the way. You need to be a free soul, to express yourself anyway you want, to let everyone hear your voice and your real opinion. 

Many of us do not have the time in the first place to  express the likes or the dislikes on our networks. Others do not really care.

You¬†may hear: “Oh! This or that link went viral”. So what? Is there a gain for you? Was it too good link that attracted a huge number of people? Really? So I tried to see what it was, and I found it was nonsense. Bizarre. It was neither comedy, nor drama or horror. My guess is that people just wanted to find out what was called viral. It’s all media business¬†ūüėČ

I love media! I love its games, coz it can be profitable for everyone. When it is used the right way, it can make everyone happy. It can spread too many good qualities among us, pending how you define “Good”.

Thnx 1Z prty
Yesterday, here, we had Thanksgiving, so I said “Happy Thanksgiving”
for everyone, in the US, or anywhere else if they celebrate that day. I hope that next year,¬†we will be able to produce a splendid, like no other¬†,”Thanksgiving’s 1Zumba¬†Party”. I have already started to put down the sketches, and welcoming any ready sponsors. You know how to reach me, right?!


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