That’s The Way, 1Zum!

Thank you dear bloggers, friends, readers, followers, and everyone who is interested in hearing our voice.

Our special appreciation for the US friends, India, the UK, Philippines, n Australia 😉

It was quite surprising that too many of you loved our previous post; for one, it was short, for another, it was about true, yet simple, real feelings. So thank you for your appreciation.

That made me wonder what meal should we offer you tonight. I thought it should be the same: simple and to the point since you liked that.

Now, this reminded me with a song that was, one day,  a hit : “That’s the Way (I like it):

It’s on of course, with lyrics as well 🙂

But the above version is the latest I found for that song, which was originally sung by the Sunshine Band, I think, and which was used craftily by our very special 1Zumba instructor every now and then 😉

Tha's TheWay-1ZAnyway, today, I would ask you one  question, which is, if I told you: “I need you”, what would you do? In my inbox, I received about a hundred emails and in the subject matter it said: “We Need You”.

I responded but it was all nonsense! Of course you know who sent those emails to me 😛

Loving people made me think that it’s my family and my students are the ones who really need me the most, more than anyone else, don’t you agree, my 1Zumba friend? 😕

Let me hear from you what do you think. Let me hear your voices and reactions, whenever you have the time, or the guts to talk about it, coz many people are in fear to speak about anything related to politics, unfortunately, in the country of freedom.

Remember  us guys! Give me a big hug ❤


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