Seafood or Caviar, 1Zumba?

Appreciating hanging up with us, on a Friday’s late evening. Thank you for visiting, our new and current readers from everywhere including the US, Brazil, Australia, India, Morocco, Belgium n Mexico 😉

Hey dear 1Zumba friend! For some reason, I believe that you are a true friend. This is how I feel about it. Yes, I’m talking to you, not to anybody else. Trust your guts. Why is it hard to talk face to face? Are you asking me? Well, Why are you asking me this question? I think you know already why 😉     What’s important is that I miss you. Miss me too? 😉

chl1Here we go again, is this your best say? Is this your best action? When was the last time you challenged yourself? It’s sad to see all this kind of vitality wasted. Young people, life is wide open in front of you, try to evaluate things and take your decisions, without fear.

Not all decisions will be easy to make, not all of them will be right or wrong. Do your best that is what is expected from our youth. To do your best, to challenge your abilities, to care for others, to be proud of everything you do, n , most importantly, Image result for crazy makeupto achieve your goals.

You don’t have to be famous to succeed. You don’t have to be anybody else except yourself. Coz in reality, you are one of the top stars in the sky, but you don’t know it yet. There will be a time when you will know how and why.

Many people try to grab your attention by doing weird things or talking about odd boring stuff, faking the natural way of having real fun. Do not fall for that poor taste. Always have a higher standard and good taste.

Do not let your feeling of belonging have you do things, you don’t want to do. Let your logic be awake, and speak your mind up. It doesn’t have to be the exact same way of thinking like others.

chlgBe creative, use your mind. You are given a mind to be proud of, and to make good use of it.

Challenge yourself, create something new, even if it was very tiny piece of art, or any other.

Feed your mind with the particles that everywhere for you in our large universe. Breath that splendid air. Take a walk on the beach even if it was winter. Talk to people, appreciate them, share with them your ideas. Someone out there is waiting for you to hear this or that word. It would make a lot of sense for her or him.

sfYou are only a visitor on this Earth, for a very short time, remember that. Treat people nicely, have fun, befriend with others if they like to, or else find others.

There are plenty of people out there looking for friends. Be a true friend, and you would find billions of human beings who would appreciate that and cherish it.

Be sincere, fun, and fair. Normal people love this combination.  

caviarSo dear 1Zumba friend, what are you gonna do tonight for fun?

I’m thinking of having a “walk & talk” tonight with a colleague. Or, probably we can have some light dinner, if we felt like it.

Talking during dinner sometimes is a lot of fun.  Seafood is my favorite. May be some caviar, prawns, calamari, or salmon. We’ll see!

Haha! Getting hungry now, right?  Oh, dear God, so what’s gonna be, seafood or caviar 1Zumba? 😉

Let’s talk again soon, pls send your comments and emails as usual. I’m waiting impatiently to hear from you all. Love you so much, so until we talk again, have fun, and here’s my kisses

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