Waltz of Souls!

Dearest readers and friends from everywhere, survival is tough, and many are out there, having a hard time, to have a roof over their heads. Welcome to our pages friends from the US, Croatia, & Italy 😉

I tried to make something good and ask for help, not for myself, but for some expecting mother who recently lost her home in fire.

Modern house on fire | Fire icons, Fire drawing, Paint your houseReturning a book to Concord Library,  I heard some music coming from one of its rooms, and when I approached that room I found out it was written on the door “1Zumba in process”.

Immediately, it came to me, that poor woman’s image, and I asked the receptionist about how to reserve a space in that library. She called someone from upstairs, who asked me about what I wanted, and she, in turn, gave me another name and an email address to reach out to, which I did.

That 3rd-rank official, the library manager, to whom I explained the whole situation, and I was full of confidence that she would help. But, unexpectedly, she replied that they could not help with that kind of fundraising event for that poor girl.

It was contrary to what I expected, so I was so disappointed. Turning on my YouTube, I heard that melody playing, and it brought me to tears.

It was somehow similar to condolences, or marching in a funeral. This is, I guess, why music is so genius at times we feel down. Oh! And it was called “Waltz of Souls”, which was emotional to hear and to read.

Probably it was a combination of frustration n anger that we couldn’t help that lady, who lost her home in fire. But, I’m not that yielding person, there will be other doors to knock at, until one is open I hope.

I hope you like the melody, and awaiting your comments.

Hugs, love, and kisses for all of you ❤

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