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It’s interesting not to know how this or that happened. It could be a “Wow” one but without knowing how it happened, what are you going to do? Most probably you’d try to repeat the combination that you did at that time, in order to get the same Wow result that you like.

Unfortunately it is not that simple!Geekstore

Before talking about that, Suesue, and this is how her name is written, had a situation with T-Mobile. It’s not a bad experience or anything like that, as she said, but it was a weird one instead.

The guy who answered her customer service, and before we go on I like to say that T-Mobile has one of the most appealing live customer service. This is their main point of success.

Anyway, Suesue was answered by Miguel, who was hilarious. “He made laugh without stop. I felt, no I heard him laughing while talking to me, and although I was i a very bad mood at the time he called, my mood completely vanished with the way he talked to me in a nice but smiling attitude. I liked the way he solved my issue, and I thanked him promising that I would tell all my friends about it.”

Foreo International

“The following day I was trying to call my daughter”, Suesue continued, “It was my other phone ringing on my desk. OMG! It was raining, and I wanted to make sure that everything was ok with her trip, but it was all wrong.” 

Of course, Suesue called T-Mobile again to correct whatever Miguel did for her lines, and it was solved, but the point was that she spent almost two hours in that issue, although both agents were great in handling her requests, but the down part was that they were not well-trained in the technical part as it seemed to be. Why?

Geekstore Christmas Jumpers

Back to the Wow work you admired and you can’t find the exact combination that led to that Wow, it’s a hard one, but, as Margret simplified it: “You need to analyze all the elements involved in that success. Probably you’d get a feel for which factor was a direct impact to your success, and you can use it again.”

If it didn’t work, there is another alternative, but this will be for our next post, so until we talk again, just see what more in our topics for you today, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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