Like That?

Thank you for visiting our pages dear friends and readers from the US, Jordan, Poland, India, New Zealand, France, Greece, n Australia. 😉

It is such a wonderful day! Enjoying our Spring climate is just fantastic. When it is not so hot and not cold or windy, like very slight breezy type of weather. It’s exactly similar to the right cup of coffee, that you would linger for, to drink, but it doesn’t come so often. It’s only once in a while, you may get it.

  • Image result for drawing someone who writesCan you write when you are not in a good mood? 
  • Yes, sometimes I do.
  • How about if you lost a friend, can you still write?
  • What do you mean by that: lost= dead, or lost=unfriend, or what?

She was crying, and that time she was really sick of sadness. That was my neighbor, who lost her friend, (later on I knew that) in an accident.

I felt so sorry for her, the way she was bewailing and mourning. I never saw her like Image result for drawing someone who criesthat before, even when  she was so sad and  mad at what happened to her poor dog, but not like that at all.

She didn’t talk or eat. She kept sitting there next to her window on that red couch, putting her fist under chin, pretending that she was looking at the view outside, but it was a fake pretense. She was in another world of her own. She was so closed up on her feelings of loss. You only can read it the way she was sat in that certain position.

I had to leave her, but I called another neighbor to check on her while I was gone. Friends are for friends, of course.

It’s a lovely day for boating. Oh! Yes, there is many wonderful boating occasions coming soon in the Bay Area, CA. I hope you would get your share out of these festivities. let’s talk about it in our next issue. Ok?! 😉

Let’s see something new, for every day, life brings us something new, and it’s good to keep up or at least to try to check it up from time to time.


Of course, it is primitive, but still it is going to be developed and become a basis for other thousands or millions of new techniques and ideas. I hope you’d see what I mean.

We’ll talk some more in few moments, I assure you, if you follow up with us, you’d talk to us some more.

Until then, hugs and kisses ❤


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