Build a Family!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere! 😉

It took us some time to answer this questions: “What is the best way to build a family?

Truly-speaking, is there a specific formula in having a strong considerate family? It’s a question that was asked by your youth. Would you care to answer them?

May be you do!

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SophieBuildFamilyEmily said that in her opinion the best way to raise a family was that to have a good example in your life when you were young. It sounds like a good answer but you don’t have a control over who is going to raise you up.

Mikel said nobody cared about families any more but it’s not true, otherwise, no student would be asking that question if he wasn’t looking for an answer. As it sounds to be he is asking how to build a family.

In my opinion, the person who is asking a question like this is a serious person and he’s seeking a real answer.

Amy referred us to a link you might like it where it says:

How do you build a strong family? By paying attention not only to individual family members but to the family as a group. This is rarely done in the American home. But your success as a parent may depend upon it.

A cooperative and interdependent family will not usually come into being if a parent centers most of his or her attention on individual kids when part or all of the family is together. A collection of people being herded in the same direction will not prosper and grow into the powerful family it could be…….more

There are other elements in building a strong family but if you start with this, it would be a good base.

Until we chat again, keep checking on all posts until you find your inspiration with our hugs and kisses oie_oie$1_twinkles (1)


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