Long-term wishes are burdens you need to accomplish to free yourself! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from the US, the UK, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Mexico! 😉

Writers‘ dream is  to publish the most wanted piece in the whole world. Is it really the case or are there other dreams that a writer might wish for?

It’s complicated!

I think that was a title of one movie by Streep, Meryl and Alec Baldwin. “It’s complicated” movie (2009) was a comedy that brought some laughs to your face or body.oie_oie$1_twinkles (1)

Perhaps you have already watched it and may be not. You see, it’s a chance to check up on something new for you. Seize the opportunity. What are you going to lose? If you didn’t like it and you can usually know that within the first five minutes of the movie, just turn it off.SophieComplicated

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Until we chat again, what do you think a writer wants? You’ll keep engaged to talk more about it next with our hugs and kisses oie_oie$1_twinkles (1) 


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