Aquarium Adventures!

Sometimes angels help you! 😉

Really? Yes, it is the least you can do for yourself, your body, your mood, and your life. You need to empty all the visionary and emotionally accumulation you have from hard work.

n this current world, individuals need to endure all over, in work, seeing someone, and even at home. Along these lines, they generally search for a chance for a break. For instance, when your office is off because … more

SophieMontereyAqYour best escape will be during your weekend. Make Saturday a day completely irrelevant to whatever you go through for a whole five days. Then on Sunday you organize your mind and your home getting ready for Monday. 

SophieMontAq2This will give you a simple routine that support your system. Non-stop work will do you harm more than benefits even if the pay was high, your health would pay more.

Being invited to have a one-day trip to Monterey Aquarium is a chance for you to apply this new routine. Amazing place full of fun for all ages and you will forget about the whole world just looking around watching all these lovely creatures constantly moving in their holes.

The mission of the Monterey Bay Aquarium is to inspire conservation of the ocean. There are plenty of different zones including Kelp Forest, Splash Zone & Penguins, Jellies, The Open Sea, and many more.

It is fascinating place running smoothly on the side of the ocean. Wow! What a place!

Until we chat again, smile and enjoy some of the nice winter/Summer places, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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