Is the world all right with this?! 😉 Welcome back dearest every friend from the US, Kuwait, Ecuador, Finland, Canada, Cameroon, Philippines, the UK, India, Italy, Nigeria, Germany, Pakistan, China, and all! 😉

Lovely days are coming next week with a trend of beachy weather in CA. Prepare yourself and your beach tools and let your family be ready for fun summer day/s.

Plenty of nice beaches everywhere but few people enjoy yet. You wonder why. 

  • Some are concerned about jellyfish and its deadly stings.
  • Others do not have the means to do this.
  • Some do not know how fun the beach is.
  • Others fear the pollution of the beach.

What you badly need the most is to have more researchers, scientists, and inventors to study your beaches and rightfully use its benefits equally for everyone of you.

Until we chat again, these are your pages so share comment discuss and feel curious with our hugs and kisses ❤Qatar Airways



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