Ooh Yeah!

Friends from the US, Ukraine, India, Russia, Vietnam, Argentina, Myanmar (Burma), n Australia, we send you very special thanks for your support, and your valuable suggestions. We sure appreciate every feedback we get from you 😉

Let’s have a lot of fun, guys! That has been the first phrase I’ve told my students today, and I really  meant it.

1Z-ooh yeah
It was their last class for that program, and they were so passionate about it.  I introduced three songs with lyrics for them. I  had them play few word games, and we celebrated their hard work, by giving certificates and medals.

Every time I am done with a program, I have both feelings of happiness & sadness; happiness for the new achievement, and sadness for being apart from my students, who became like family to me, as if there was part of me, would be missing when they leave.  

Some of my students gave me souvenirs, some wrote me “thank you” cards, some of them had their eyes full of tears, which moved me a lot. But this is life, we meet people we like, and we have to move on to our next step in life, especially for young people. 😀

Let‘s listen to one happy song, then have our Question no. 39 from our competition.

Our Question no. 39:

Q39-1ZLove you all guys, but hang on here, and check on our previous posts. If you’ve missed any of them, try to catch up with them, coz our next topic would be related to few of the previous ones. Therefore, it’s important to have the right background, before reading our next one.

I’ll talk to you soon. Kisses & hugs Seatcraft AnthemShop MissMaryofSweden.com now!

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