Why Dad?

You can hardly see the birds’ nests in a tree! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers friends writers bloggers and all from the US, the UK, Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, China, Japan, Chile, Spain, France, and our new friends from Senegal and all! 😉

Receiving a tough question about family and relationships, Nina said that “Do you know why they hate their dad?”

Everyone answered why?

She said: “If they were young or adult it will have to do first with their mother. If he mistreated their mother or call her names or made fun of her or abuse her in any way. Many kids cannot interfere between parents when they are having ugly communication.
Even if the father never praise the mother or pat on her shoulder saying thank you for being there for everyone, this could affect the hearts of the little ones and when they grew up, they would make him pay for every bad behavior negatively affected their mom.”

John interrupted: “Not only that but also if the mother was sick and he neglected her and was not compassionate enough towards her, this also would make them angry at him and they would think he failed to provide the support needed for their mother which is a huge deal, but many males do not do that because they tend to deal with emotions differently.”

Until we chat again, check up on family communication topics, you’d find some more interesting interpretations with our hugs and kisses

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Until we chat again, there’s still more to say about it with our hugs and kisses


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