Welcome back dearest readers friends writers bloggers and all from the US, the UK, Senegal, Trinidad & Tobago, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Mexico, China, Japan, Chile, Spain, France, and our new friends from Senegal and all! 😉

Would you feel liking a certain person more than others for a reason you do not know?

Here’s some of the qualities that were mentioned for why people like a person:

. Friendly
. Trustworthy
. Positive
. Smiling reasonably

. Balanced verbally and non-verbally
. Found some common grounds to talk about with you
. Reliable and open-minded

. No distractions while listening to you
. Show interest in whatever you say
. Respect you and your ideas not necessarily agreeing with it.
. Cheerful
. Not self-centered

All are great qualities but it sounds like the perfect person, where is that? They are out there you just didn’t focus enough so you missed them.

Try again.

One last tip: Likeable people mostly know how to take good care of themselves 🙂

Until we chat again, you can be very likeable, just be yourself and enjoy the company of others with our hugs and kisses SophieChannel NewYellos

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