Netflix Conspiracy!

Ultimately, you are a citizen of  this planet! 😉 Thanks for being here friends from the US and India! 😉

When the Cannes Film Festival opens in May it will do so without Netflix. The most prestigious festival in the world has announced that Netflix movies are banned from the Cannes competition.Shop Gilded Intent Brand Clothing for Women at Buckle.comWhat is going on then with Netflix?

Many customers are mad at Netflix. The reasons are various:

. “It’s a conspiracy against the American people, it’s no longer an entertaining source,” Seth announced that out loud while we were all sitting waiting for a meeting.

.  “Recently, I guess they are on a cancellation spree canceling all Marvel shows, how in hell they based their selection on. I guess the cheaper the better”, that was how Lora expressed her anger of the way Netflix handling the movies selection process, which is totally vague.

. “Basically the selection they have not updated regularly, and the quality of the movies are usually very bad”, Mark said while he was shouting out his words to let everyone in the room hear it.

. ” 5 minutes wait for Netflix to load up it’s the “we’re having trouble accessing this title for you please try again later”, it’s torturing to use this service, unless you use it to turn it on while you go to sleep.

. “Crap selection, atrocious customer service”, Kimberly commented calmly shaking Image result for netflix movies are badher head right and left, and squeezing her nose showing disgust and disapproval.

. “The movies sucks, I can’t find one that I would even try to open, whose taste is this? Bad movies have been there for years, schmucks,” Robin said after  furiously joining the conversation.

. “The movies are old, and they do not update the selection on a more regular basis” Janette expressed to the whole group her agreement with their dissatisfaction with Netflix. 

I guess no need to hear more. You got the idea! You hope that Netflix would hear your voices, and deal with all these problems and fix them timely before more people abandon it forever. 

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Until we talk again, express your dissatisfaction with services that you dislike. It’s your right to do that. Get into our topics to find out more about solutions, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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