Step into Writing!

Never worry about an equation unless you are one of its variables! 😉 Thanks and welcome back dearest readers and friends from the US and Norway! 😉

Why are you writing?

The prevailing answer to this question was that to be remembered. There were many other answers of course; such as earning living, sharing experiences, documenting some work/knowledge, or any other.

The most interesting part about it was how each one talked about the reasons behind the like to be remembered not only during life but also after life.

I couldn’t agree less on many of them. They spoke from the heart. Take a look at what they said, but I still see more to it than that!Qatar Airways

Amber Mitchell: “People love to be praised and admired by other people, it’s human SophieWritingnature. We all need to feel cared about and recognized. It turns out this trait is hardwired into us. Praise physically triggers the release of pleasure molecules in our brain, we’re addicted to it, that’s why we crave more. Even after we die we want to believe that people will remember us fondly and praise us even while we are dead.”

Hind Masoud: “We want to feel like our lives meant something, that a part of us will live on even after our death. We want to be remembered through the work we leave behind or even through our children. We want to be remembered because no one wants their life to amount to NOTHING, that level of futility is heartbreaking to us humans.” 

Young Li: “We are all afraid of death. We like the idea that after death, we will continue to “live on” — perhaps in terms of our soul, in terms of our information, our children, our legacy.Foreo International

But what if we lived a life where we didn’t care about whether we were remembered or not? What if we were satisfied to just do the best work we can do in our short lifetimes, and not stress whether anyone remembers us or our work?

Tuyen Quang: “If you want your word to be remembered, carve it into a stone. It will last a long time. You cannot control whether you or your work will be remembered after you die. And not only that, but why do you care whether or not you will be remembered? You will already be dead — so you cannot reap any benefits of your legacy (after you’re dead).”

Gerald J.: “We are born, we live and we die – and nothing changes – the world goes on as before. Everyone of us knows this at a subconscious level. We are fundamentally insignificant. So we want to negate this, we want to do something that will be remembered forever – we all want our lives to mean something.”

sophieChannelP.J. “No one wants to think of dying and being forgotten. Being forgotten, in a way, is like never having lived, nor made any impact on the world.”

Amal Salem: “People don’t know what death is. Nobody does. People don’t know where they will go after they die, what they will become – nobody knows anything about death. The only thing certain about death is uncertainty.

People would like to be remembered because it gives them a sense of hope and meaning, kind of like something to fill the emptiness and hole from the uncertainty of their infinite death. If they believe they will be remembered, it’s like they are holding onto life and all it’s stability. When in reality, when you die, what will it matter if you’re remembered? It’s not like you’d know…… You’re dead.”

Coltorti Boutique

No matter what you read or hear about writing, everyone is different in how to see things and how to react or act towards things, so let nothing discourage you of writing, just step into it!

Until we talk again, enjoy your posts, get your inspiration and create your own original piece, with our hugs and kisses


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