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When Lim is jailed for spitting, in another country not yours, would that mean, it is a Qatar Airwaysmore developed country than yours? Here’s how  he was jailed.

Spitting is a felony in some cases, you better be cautious, if you didn’t know that; especially when it is done to a police office or security person.

There is two kinds of spitting though: on the ground or on another person. The first kind is addressed by some countries, but the second kind is dealt with via legal procedures  to be taken against the doer, almost in all countries.

This may remind you of saying “Spit it out”, which doesn’t mean literally to do this, but it means “speak up your mind” don’t keep it to yourself.

Let’s start again. Spitting is:

“It is my belief that most people find spitting a wholly obnoxious, filthy habit which can spread germs and causes health issues,” he said. … It classified spitting as “waste”, which meant that creating a by-law was not necessary and it successfully took two men to court.

Women have  a great role in raising up awareness among themselves and their kids to avoid spitting. Mothers or others should emphasize on abolishing this bad habit,spit in order to live in a healthier world.

Opposite to the idea of considering spitting as a bad habit, some physicians consider spitting as a natural body response for your feeling of disgust, which is a normal reaction of your body, trying to spit out the saliva that come to your mouth when you feel disgusted. Your body want to protect you mentally and physically. This is the truth. This is why your body try to get rid of anything that would considered to be toxic (in a way).

May be the solution is that you can spit after all but in a tissue instead of on the ground coz that would definitely disgust someone else.

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