1Zumba, Really?!!!

Hello there, & welcome to our pages. It’s quite interesting to chat with you again, and to talk more about matters of life, as we used to. Thank you our readers and friends from the US, Argentina, India, France, Puerto Rico, South Africa, & Indonesia šŸ˜‰

Dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for being a sincere friend. There were times when I thought I should call you, and pour out all the thoughts I kept inside; but then I can’t, and you know why šŸ˜Æ

You make me feel like a middle school little girl, so this is the firstĀ confession.The second one is,Ā or you know what, Ā it’s enough to haveĀ a one confession at a time, haha šŸ˜€

Mony mon e y honey!

I watched a very old movie yesterday for Frank Sinatra, The Man with the Golden Arm. I thought he was not a good actor but in fact he was very Ā natural in that one in many instances. It was so funny to see how life was in those days, how some people acted while there was not technology around yet.

Money was the main problem in that movie, as it has always been in most of our movies. It has to be there. Money money. So are we gonna continue to be like this forever, until the last day of our lives.

Maya said: “We created money & we worship it”, and this is exactly what I said long ago; but, then what?!

Yves replied fast: “Do you want to end this kind of worship? Can we even do that? I think we can!”

She: I don’t think so. It has been there forever, how can we change a system that now exist inside us?

He: Things change.

She: Yes, I understand, they do, but to change the “money” views, opinions, and all itsĀ related matters is almost impossible.

He: You are so pessimistic. Go back to history, and read how people use to exchange services, & how happy they were, coz it was relatively fair process for them.

She: I’m not pessimistic, I’m realistic, coz dreams need to be connected to reality. You cannot wish to be the Emperor of Japan; you cannot have that as a dream of your life, can you?

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He: If I live in Japan, I could dream of anything I want. Being a leader in Japan is something legitimate to dream of, or not? We’re talking here about billions of people everywhere, can you realize what we are talking about smart gal?

She: I can’t dream of being a royal, a princess, or a queen, coz I’m not in this circle; even to shake hands with royalties I wouldn’t think of it, for many reasons, one of them is that, it doesn’t mean anything to me to shake hands with people who live on the top of bloody chairs which wereĀ justified by injustice and manipulation.

He: You are right in some parts, coz being ambitious and having a dream should not take us away from reality, living an illusion. Although we should continue to be positive in our lives, and do our best to understand, and to appropriately react to what we feel it is right.

So all right both of you, pls stop here, coz we have to take a break, and then return to more chat about, what we think unfair matters in our lives. Until then, here’s my hugs, and our kisses ā¤

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