1Zumba, Excuse Me!

Hello again dear friends & readers. Welcome to our posts one more time, from the US, India, Argentina, France, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, the UK, n Netherlands 😉

It’s a great pleasure to be with all of you, to continue our chats.

Dear 1Zumba friends, I hope you’re reading now what is written here. Also  I know that you would be smart enough to read in between the lines.

Maya & Yves, my students continued their argument from our last post.

He: If you went back in history, you ‘d find a lot of injustice. Many empires or entities were built on blood. Name one which didn’t?!

She: The problem is now  is escalating, & people no longer able to continue living like this with a huge gap between Monaco, & Botswana!

Let’s us have our Question no. 25 first in our competition, then continue to our main point:



I think walking is such a great idea, when you want to clear your mind, and take a breather. Walking alone, not speaking to anyone, and focusing on the nature around you, not thinking of your pending issues. It would give you a relief, and when you’re back home, you’d feel the difference in your mood 😆

She: Do you believe that all treasures on Earth should be divided between all humans equally with no discrimination related to color; black,  white, or  yellow?

If not, what is it that you do  believe is right?

1Z-Excuse Me.jpg
If you know the answer, why don’t you speak up? Why do you continue to live in misery, and just complain about living conditions, sickness, frustration not earning enough to live like a human being, or not to live at all?

He: How about if you’re happy living less than an animal in a respected decent home?

She: it’s fine, you’re the only one who would bear the consequences.

He: Well! No one will be happy living less than others, or working hard & still not to be able to enjoy life or living like other advantaged people. No one will be happy, watching TV hypnotizing everyone, to pay respects for a certain class of people, as if the rest do not matter.

She: Exactly the balance is not right. When the community has such a high percentage of suicide, that means most people are in trouble. Most people are unhappy, but who cares, so long as there is popcorn, Cola, & endless TV shows?

He: It’s not in the States only. Unfortunately it is a world wide phenomenon. Whole nations are hypnotized or brain-washed. You need a hammer to have them awake from the illusions they live in. But how could you do that, when you’re seeing this alone, and nobody else can see it except few others?

“Excuse me guys”, I said interrupting my students, coz we needed  a break for dinner, and then talk some more.

But until we come back to you again, think about it; does it make any sense to you, what is being said? Let me hear your comments & suggestions. Probably you would come up with a solution for balancing this equation for them. Here’s my kisses ❤


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