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Thank you for coming today to our great site. It’s just fantastic to have you all guys with us, every single day. Our special thanks today will go to our friends from the US, and Vietnam 😉

I was going to talk about some experience happened to me earlier today, but I felt it’s not cheerful enough to be shared with you, but may be later in our next post, I’ll mention it briefly to make a point.

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Dear 1Zumba friend, thank you for your understanding & speaking the right way on how it should be. 😮

Now I’m going to talk to you about something probably you never heard about before, unless you attended a school of law, or some media entity. In 2001, a strange event happened in Rotenburg, which is a German village. An engineer called Bernd-Jurgen Bransdes, who was at that time forty-three yrs old reacted to an advertisement on the internet asking for someone who is accepting to be killed and eaten.

Armin Meiwes, a 42 computer technician made that ad. Armin did not offer any money as a compensation for that experiment. It was only getting the experience of being eaten by someone else that was gained from that. The strangest thing was that about 200 persons responded to that ad, among which only four actually traveled to his farmhouse to have an interview; however later on, they changed their minds, and no longer were into it.

When Brandes met with Meiwes, and after having some coffee together, Brands consented to that offer. Meiwes went on and killed his guest, carved up the body, and stored its pieces in plastic bags in his freezer. 

The cannibal of Rotenburg was arrested, but after he had eaten almost forty pounds of his victim, cooking some of him with olive oil & garlic.

There was a trial, and of course it was one of a kind, nothing ever happened before like that, and even the German law didn’t have any articles covering cannibalism. The killer could not be convicted of murder, because his victim was willing to be killed and eaten.

His attorney said that his defendant could be guilty only of killing on request, something similar to assisted suicide, with maximum five yrs in prison.The court attempted to solve that dilemma by giving Meiwes a verdict of manslaughter and eight and half years in prison.

Two years later the appeal court overturned the judgement to life in prison, explaining that the verdict was too lenient.

Cannibalism between consenting adults is a test for the principle of self-ownership. The idea of justice is tested, because it is not that you’re helping someone to get rid of his/her life because of pain they are in, but rather because they own their bodies, and they are free to do whatever they want with their own bodies.

It’s all about the right of liberty, if you consider banning cannibalism is a violation for the right of liberty, then asking you to pay taxes is also a violation. 💡 💡

Think about it, send your comments, suggestions, and questions to us. We love to hear from you. Give your big hug, love you all guys 😉

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