1Zumba, Evaluate Yourself!

Dear 1Zumba friends & readers,welcome to our new post. Thanks you for being here with us, with our special thanks to our new visitors from Canada, the US, Paraguay, Malaysia, Austria, Vietnam, the UAE, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, France, Turkey, Mexico, & Germany ūüėČ


Let’s have our Question No. 15 at first, so we would not forget it. here it is:


Ghadeer, 1Zumba friend, of course I miss you, and I would love to hear more about your trips and your adventures. Anything you send me is really appreciated. Anything you would like to share, just let me know, and we can post it as soon as possible.

Socializing with others is not easy for everyone. It takes a lot of guts! People tend to be cautious, conservative, and shy to approach others and speak to them, unless, they are trained to be salespeople, which is totally different.

What we talk about  here is your life. Can you make friends easily? Can you mingle with people without hesitation? Do you feel unease among other people? do you tend to stay alone? 

1Z-Evlt urslf

If you wish to evaluate your ability in making friends, you can¬†answer these questions¬†using “Yes” or “No”.ūüėé


Evaluate yourself:

If your answers to questions numbers 1-5-10-12-13 -15 was “yes”, give yourself¬†¬†1 point
If your answers to questions numbers 2-3-4-6-7-8-9-11-14-16¬†was “No”, give yourself 1 point.

Add your points all together.

  • If you scored less than 6, your ability to make friends is acceptable.
  • If your score was between 6-10 points, ¬†you have or had a¬†difficulty¬†relating to other people¬†socially.
  • If your score went more than 10 points, new situations and getting to know new people hard for you. ūüĎŅ

Wow! Time flies, as usual & once again we have to say good bye, but no worries, we’ll be back to you again soon. Until then, kiss you good bye, to evaluate yourself ‚̧


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