Thank you dear readers and friends for visiting us again; it’s quite enjoyable to have friends everywhere, and to communicate with them, isn’t it?

So, welcome to our show from anywhere in our beautiful world, especially from the US, Vietnam, Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Belgium, India, Panama, Philippines, Egypt, Mexico, Germany, Canada, n Bolivia šŸ˜‰

Hey, how’s things going with you my dear 1Zumba friend? Keep in touch, and let me know your suggestions, one at a time pls. We always appreciate your insights. šŸ˜‰

Isnt’ it funny when you have a question, and you think you can make a call to a certain department to ask your question. But then when you wait over the phone forever, you decide to go to their nearest location. After you you make the time, and you make your trip to that office while you are sitting there waiting for your turn to Ā come.

It feels as if your turn willĀ Ā never come. You start wondering: “should I better go home n then try to call again instead of this long wait. Or may be I could email them as they advertise on that rolled screen, which made me blind & confused.” :mrgreen:

In brief it’s kind of a vicious circle, you keep going on n on or around and around. The funniest part is when you finally get your turn, and you approach the window, with all the hopes in the world to have an answer for your question; instead, the agent would smilingly look at you, apologizing that that was the wrong department to start with, and that the website from which you got your info is not updated. So you need to re-start all over again from the scratch. šŸ˜€

I think that this is a model from real life, and if you live in CA, you must have had some situation like this, earlier or later in your life. No one can escape it! Haha!

That was nice and funny. Thank you 1Zumba friend, Madeline, for sharing your experience with all of us, and we agree with you. Sometimes, the system just need your patience to get your benefits. The routine, in general, is everywhere, not only in our country, it’s world-wide issue, and you mentioned there is no way to escape it.Ā 

Millions of people live harsher lives than ours, so we need to be always thankful for what we have. I’m not saying that being thankful, would prevent you from talking about it, complaining about it, or having ambition for improving the services. On the contrary, when we talk about it, someone will hear your voice, and will keep in mind that people are watching, people are asking for their rights in decent living.

Let’s be optimistic, and say, as we do all the time: “Someday, I’ll fly a plane, I’ll learn the guitar, I’ll surf the waves, or I’ll be on the top of the mast” šŸ˜‰

Someday šŸ™‚

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