Holding Back What? 1Zumba!

Believe me when I say that I miss talking to you, and I’ll tell you why later. First let me welcome you and our new friends, from the US, Vietnam, the UK, France, Canada, Russia, n Mexico 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend. You are  reacting like the sea, sometimes with very high waves,  n others calm & lovable. I wish i know why you get into all these fluctuating moods! 😀

You know when you go somewhere to have a good time, n then you feel there was something in the background that is limiting the extent to which you can have that good time. It’s not easy to describe it, huh!

It’s kind of coming a bit late to an event n you missed its key opening, so when you want to laugh, you don’t know if it would fit with the other audience or it would be out of place!

Does it really matter? Not exactly but i’m trying to make a point here: it’s as if your best friend is holding back something from you n reacting accordingly without telling you what’s bothering her!

Time flies as you know. The strangest thing however is that we do nothing about it. What do I mean?

I mean in spite of the fact that we are aware of the speed of the time n how we wish to have more time to  do more things n to enjoy more things we actually do not try to figure out how to do that. Sure, this is natural, coz we cannot elongate th time i.e. to have 55 hrs a day instead of 24 that would be something, huh 😆

Or to extend the moments from five-min moment to an hr moment; still impossible n may be if they were sweet moments you’d like to have more?!

Oh! Before I forget, our Question no. 27 is here for you to continue with our 100 Questions Competition:


You see what happen. Whenever you have a love-moment you want more but you can’ t just keep getting more n more forever. Eventually you’d dislike it or wouldn’t want it any more.

The human nature is tiring, tricky, & sometimes  too complicated.

You wish for things, you would like to have, not necessarily materialistic things; but anyway, you may get it or not.  When you get it, you might feel bored, and try to find something else; or, you would keep loving it forever.

For me when I shop for a dress, it’s an exhausting process, it’s never easy to find exactly the thing I’m looking for; therefore, I prefer the tailored outfits. Once I have it, I admire it every single time I wear it. Under certain circumstances though, I could pick up any ready-made costume or others.

Jane, 1Zumba friend, I hope that this answer your question, in a way. If you like to write more details, I’ll be glad to respond to you again. Pls if you happen to send an email, and you didn’t get an answer pls, send to my facebook  page your questions, coz sometimes, the links get irremediable.

Can you believe it guys, I didn’t have a single break today. My breakfast was a slice of banana bread, and a cup of chocolate. My late meal was  a bowl of soup with rice, running running n running :mrgreen:

Let’s us take a short break & come back again to chat more, may be I’ll give you a nice recipe, which I got from a very well-known chef. Love you. ❤

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