1Zumb Rich Man’s Burger!

Welcome back again our dear friends, from everywhere in the US, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Philippines , & Colombia šŸ˜‰

Dear 1Zumba friend, stay away from financial stress. It’s not worth it. Your life and enjoying it is far more precious than anything else. Money is just a commodity like any other.

As I told you, let’s have some dinner.

Have you heard about the Rich Man’s Burger? Ā No, not yet? OK, I’ll give you a simple recipe to it, and you can have it done in no time.


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1Ā½ lb. lean beef top round
1Ā½ Tbs. capers, chopped
1Ā½ Tbs. gherkins, chopped
1Ā½ Tbs. shallots, diced
8 egg yolks
2 Tbs. mustard
2 tsp.anchovy
1Ā½ Tbs.chives, chopped
1Ā½ Tbs.parsley, chopped
1 Tbs.sea salt, fine
1 tsp. black pepper, ground
Mustard sauce:
1Ā½ cups homemade mayonnaise
2 tsp. Worcesterhire sauce
2 tsp. lemon juice
1 Tbs. milk
salt and white pepper to taste
2 Tbs. Dijon mustard

Dice the top round fine and place in a large mixing bowl. Mix well with the rest of the ingredients. Toast 4 slices of brioche with whole butter on a griddle or in a pan. Remove and place raw in the middle. Place on brioche and spoon mustard sauce over the top. Garnish with ground pepper and chopped chives.

To make Sauce: put the mayonnaise in a bowl and whisk all the other ingredients Ā until incorporated. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

For your drink pairing,Ā Iā€™d still be inclined to stick to a dry white or rosĆ© though rather than a red.

It’s fast and delicious, especially with the right drink, which depends totally on what your preference is in drinks. You can try it with beer too, if you wish šŸ˜‰

Let me come back to you in few hours, since I have to take a bite. My rich man’s burger is waiting for me. My hugs for all of you šŸ˜‰




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