1Zumba, Question 23?

Thank you dear friends and readers from the US, Mexico, & Russia. It’s a great pleasure to have you all with us today. šŸ˜‰

First let me share the good news with all of you. I’m really lucky to have you all with me here. This is really counts for me. Secondly, my first Real Estate e-book has just come alive, receiving the Congrats message from my editor. Wow!

Hello Sophie,

Congratulations! Iā€™m happy to inform you that the publication of your eBook, “Your Guaranteed Pass” is complete.

Within 7-10 days it will be available online for all Real Estate students, or prospective licensees. Yay!Ā šŸ™‚

Many things need to be said today, but let’s have our Q. no. 23rd in our competition, then continue with the rest of the article:


Say No forĀ things you dislike, but stay positive, with caution not to live in illusions. being positive does not mean that you live away from reality!

Media lately publish only the worst photos for Trump, inĀ an attempt 2 make people dislikeĀ the guy. Ā 

Well! People already dislike both Hillary n him, and the media still hammer the poor people with all these biased info; they actually torture the people. Isn’t it enough to keep broadcasting all these bad news, they insisted on bringing them to us on a daily basis, 24 /7?

Come together n courageously ask for a reform!

Or stop working! Ā Then the heads of the country who you are paying them to run it fairly & honestly would take you serious!

I think we said enough for today.We will talk some more in few hours. It’s a weekend, probably I’ll make you dinner tonight. Oops! I mean, I would give you a great recipe with the right drink. Talk to you soon. Kisses & hugs šŸ˜‰


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