No Go!

Some people use the social network just to acknowledge their existence, when it’s better to …..! Thank you for coming to us today; especially the US, France, Turkey, India, and Australia 😉

First I was disappointed that Tom Hanks played that role. Probably because I was under the impression that his manager was good at selecting the right roles for him, but I was mistaken. I shouldn’t assume any conclusions based on some good roles that he had performed before. 

Second again I  was extremely unhappy with that new young female character Mai, She lived a delusion. Causing a friend to die just to entertain some lame audience was so awkward, especially when her boss agreed to that just for the sake of the stupid numbers of people watching that poor guy being chased. The kid was startled and tried to escape, ending up in a terrible fall from over a bridge down to the deep bottom of a river. 😥

His death didn’t mean anything. There was no mention for any sorrow or shame for Related imagewhat happened.

I feel sorry to watch a movie like that which clouds the minds of our kids and your new generations. Trying to correct the situation with imposing transparency for few moments on the two evil guys was not enough of a payment for the death of a young man.

It’s an irony to ask for transparency and accountability while not practicing it. It seemed that they never heard of the saying: “Practice what you preach”!

Probably it was good to uncover the real world of social networks, and show our youth how they can be deceived by false ideas and untrue cons.

In conclusion, it’s a No go for that movie, “The Circle”. 😦

Let’s talk some more in a little bit. Until then, here’s our hugs and kisses

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