Your Fava-Shrimp Plate!

Trust your own instincts; they will never lie to you! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from the US, India, Trinidad & Tobago, and Thailand! 😉

No-one likes to be invisible, no matter what, unless under certain unusual circumstances. Every human being likes attention and more attention and more more attention. 

It’s natural and it’s an innate quality that comes up with your being a human creature, but when you’re sick or not feeling well, most of you tend to dislike attention from strangers, and sometimes even from the closest people to you.
So if you want to keep your health and to keep the good attention you’re getting, and being visible among people, eat healthy. It is as simple as that. One of our favorite healthy nutritional meals is fava-Shrimp dish.

It is simple sauteed, full of nutritional benefits, and light. all you need is to boil the shrimp and the fave beans, and to have a bottom brown rice to your plate, and to pour the mixture of the fava beans and the shrimp on the top. You can use any spices that you prefer to your taste.FaveShrimp.jpg

Very simple recipe you have no excuse and here’s some  benefits of the fava beans:

. One cup of fava beans yields 36 grams of soluble fiber. Studies suggest that ingestion of soluble fiber laden foods can help in keeping the levels of cholesterol, as well as blood sugar under control.

. Fava beans are laden with nutrients in abundance. The broad beans are treasure troves of assorted minerals and vitamins. Some of those include magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, phosphorous, vitamin B1, and thiamin, with just ¼ cup yielding 10% to 19% of recommended daily allowance. More

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Until we chat again about another new plate or recipe, keep sending us your suggestions and comments, keep an eye on our new updated topics, and get your full inspiration with out hugs and kisses ❤

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