That’s it!

  Good times are good times, can you argue with that?! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back dearest greatly-appreciated writers readers friends from everywhere: the US, Russia, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, China, Romania, France, Norway, Jamaica, Australia, Czech Republic, Romania, Puerto Rico, Canada, Dominica, India, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Poland,Portugal, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Morocco, Thailand, Italy, the UK, … More That’s it!

Your Fava-Shrimp Plate!

Trust your own instincts; they will never lie to you! šŸ˜‰ Welcome back friends and readers from the US, India, Trinidad & Tobago, and Thailand! šŸ˜‰ No-one likes to be invisible, no matter what, unless under certain unusual circumstances. Every human being likes attention and more attention and more more attention.Ā  It’s natural and it’s … More Your Fava-Shrimp Plate!


Be on it, if you cared for a piece of the cake; baking it only hardly guarantee that! šŸ˜‰ Dearest friends and readers from the US,Ā India, Greece, Canada, the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey, we’re pleased to see your here. Keep coming back! šŸ˜‰Ā  It’s a shame to have all that materialsĀ lostĀ after drafting it on … More Milk!

Pilot Meals!

Decide for yourself, but decide soon, did you think that you’d never be tested?! šŸ˜‰Ā Welcome back friends from the US, India, Brazil, the UK, Belgium, Czech Republic, Serbia, Vietnam, and Ukraine. Well, what happens when you gain a bit of weight?Ā  You get surprised or taken a little bit that your body started to change. … More Pilot Meals!

Weight ManagementĀ²!

Which one you want to have: words louder than actions, or actions louder than words? It’s your choice šŸ˜‰ Thank you my dear friends from the US, Germany, the UK, Pakistan, India, Estonia, and Netherlands šŸ˜‰ Weight, weight, & weight! It’s a BIG issue for some of you; especially if you are youth, active person, … More Weight ManagementĀ²!

Your Weight Management!

Every time you think that you’ve seen it all, you would be proven wrong! šŸ˜‰ Thanks and welcome our dear readers and friends from the US, the UK, Philippines,Ā Ā India, andĀ Canada šŸ˜‰ You must have heard a lot about losing weight and how to achieve your goal, but you’ve rarely heardĀ  about weight management. Yes, even … More Your Weight Management!