Be on it, if you cared for a piece of the cake; baking it only hardly guarantee that! 😉 Dearest friends and readers from the US, India, Greece, Canada, the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey, we’re pleased to see your here. Keep coming back! 😉 

SophieMilkIt’s a shame to have all that materials lost after drafting it on our editor, Oh completely disappeared. We keep learning our lessons. 🙄

Anyway, “Good old days are no longer there, but their memories are still held in your mind.” That is what J.J. commented when we were deliberating about milk and it nutritious value.

Milk is admired by many of you. Milk is great in taste and color. It’s your first sip from life. Milk is wonderful in shape and texture. In addition, it’s easy to digest.

Milk is essential for you to live as a baby. Without it you would cry and be starved. Unless you have some bad experience with milk such as being forced to drink it when you were a kid, it’s normal to like its taste.

Milk is served by many now as a commodity in every supermarket. That was not the case many years ago as Andy said: “We used to have our milk delivered to our door by a milkman, who would knock at our door and give us the milk in bottles.”

Nosha who used to live in the countryside explained:  “Where my family lived, a guy used to walk from house to house, sometimes riding his bike, carrying a tank of fresh milk, and having a metal mug to measure the amounts he sold for people. He recorded it in his note and get paid by the end of the month.”

“You can drink fresh milk from a cow or from a goat, this will give you a longer life”, as a Japanese man said. As for the Soy milk, stay away from it. There’s a study that says it’s harmful. 

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You can drink milk cold, warm, or hot. you can blend it with any other fruit and it would give you a splendid fresh milk-shake.

Until we talk again, take good care of your health, flip over our topics, with our hugs and kisses

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