Phoniness or Chicanery?

Great movie! First, thank you for coming to our world dear friends, from the US 😉

Second, the movie I’m talking about is not the type of the action, or fictitious type of movies, which makes you live in an unrealistic world. Let’s first answer Sarina’s questions about home staging.

Home staging is done only for one reason, and one reason only. It’s for selling your home in a higher price, or that is at least what they claim it is for.

What is home staging?

home staging in Bozeman real estateSimply it’s adding some furniture items to your home, after you store all you belongings and furniture somewhere. Decorative furniture could be intensive or light, it all depends on your budget. The cost for the staging will be for a certain period of time. It could be one month, two months, or more.

Keep in mind, that, if you are the seller, you will be paying for your storage, your Image result for buyer looking at a housestaging, and anything else your agent may suggest to make your home in a better look, than it used to be while you were living in it.

Does it work?

Not with everyone. Professionals can see all the faults in the ceiling, in the walls, in the cabinets, the closets, the floor, the fireplace, the roof, etc..

Then, why is it done? It is done, as a trick. Yes, when a home is staged, it means that there is something wrong with this place. It is probably too old, and will need a lot of Image result for buyer looking at a staged housework. It could be that it was not sold, while empty, so they are trying to make it look better in the eyes of the buyers.

It is definitely not for the best interest of the buyers, but it’s the opposite for the sellers for sure, if it worked.

A friend of mine spent almost $3000 for staging, but he couldn’t get any higher price than the one came up in its comparative marketing analysis. May be it is meant to be.

If you are the buyer, do not let appearances deceive you. It’s your largest investment. Image result for buyer looking at a staged houseLet your realtor do her job, check on the disclosures, read the inspection reports; it’s a lot of work, and it needs a professional.

Before I forget, the movie I was talking about is called “cardboard boxer”, check it up. It’s about real people downtown LA & Berkeley. 🙄

We talked a lot today, I guess, but we haven’t agreed if home staging is a kind of phoniness or chicanery. Let’s have a quick break then, and remember to look at our topics, for those posts you’ve missed. Thank you my 1Zumba friend for your questions.

Stay cool, love each other, and care for human beings. Hugs & kisses for all of you ❤


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