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Hello there! For everyone who is reading this right now, you are absolutely welcome to our world. Make sure that you go through our previous editions as well, to have the feel of our spirit. Our new and our current friends from everywhere, particularly from the US, the UK, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Philippines, Germany, n Spain 😉

Our dear 1Zumba friend, we wonder what you do right now, and expect to hear from you soon new suggestions, or comments. Keep us delighted with your sharing, and always keep us in mind. Once you said, it was all an act, tell me more 😉

grp2Fitness is good for everyone: a kid, a teenager, an adult, or a senior. In each stage, you need your fitness. I talk here about fitness in everything: mind fitness, heart fitness, soul fitness, body fitness, Mood fitness, even money fitness 😀

Don’t we all need these combinations of finesses?! What do you think? I agree.

One time, we were nothing. We did not exist. We came to existence in a journey, which could or would last for moments. Then we would disappear and be nothing again. Do we really remember this during our journey?!

Nevertheless, during our journeys, we take trips, which we cherish, keep pictures of to be a memory for us later on, while still alive, n probably for others, to remember us, after our departure of our real journey. How ironic this is! Our care for illusions surpass our thinking of the real thing. We are not here forever, but we still think as if we will!

Very interesting recent study about reading the print of your lips, and how it correlates to your traits n qualities. More

It’s quite amazing to know that there is a difference between men’s lips and women’s lips. Honestly, I never thought that there was any difference, so that came to me as a total surprise.

Do you know what type of lips you have? Should you know what type of lips you have? Should you know what type of nose or eyes you have? Haha! What do you think 😆

I felt so great when I learn about all these extraordinary facts of lips. It’s another world of new perception.

Shady, Lulu, Jonathan, Mike, Jessy, & Brian, 1Zumba friends, I do thank you for your ongoing inspiration, and impressive ideas. You give me and us the energy to carry on 🙂

Gals! How many times I told you I was lucky? True, may be millions of times, and I would still say it again. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by all of you terrific appreciating people, who give me the wide smile  when passing by. You can’t imagine how satisfying and igniting this look is.

It’s so precious; it’s worth more than billions of other things. It hugely shakes my heart to see someone’s genuine smile of happiness when seeing me. Didn’t I tell you before: “I’m so lucky”. Certainly many of you have similar experiences, and for sure, you must be lucky too 🙂

So now to our world, to our lips. Now, Fer reminds me of a song we used to have it in school, to learn the names of our body parts: “Head, n shoulders; knees n toes, …….” Do you recall this song? So funny, though it was boring at that time, but it was so effective to sing it, to learn faster than at the normal speed.

We’ll say goodbye for now, and until we chat again, with more daring subject, here’s my kisses 😉

. Lipsology


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