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Thank you everyone, for being with us today! Our special thanks for our new friends from the US, Italy, Austria, Brazil, n Australia ūüėČ

It is always our pleasure to speak to you, as Miranda told me today, that she feels so pleased ¬†every time she reads a comment, or an email coming from one of YOU, guys. All of us, here, feel the same cheerfulness and delight when you suggest something, or share your opinion about something, or ask for an interview! ūüôā

So having said that, keep going everyone, we are here for all of you. We love you all, dear 1Zumba friends. ¬†Send your questions, and soon we’ll reply to it all ūüėČ

bg4“What is wrong with you?”, he said. She answered: “Nothing! It was just a question.” “So is there a point in your question?¬†Bags! BAgs! BAGS! ¬†You’re ¬†bugging me!”

“You’re right, it’s quite irritating! It’s quite weird!”, she continued, “But I need to know, coz that place not providing bags any more!”


Mira, my daughter’s friend, lives in another state, on the East Coast, and when she came to visit us, she was totally surprised by some of the stores, who ask you to bring your own bag, in which you would put the merchandise you buy.

Here’s what more than 50¬†different people, working in different places, with various backgrounds and ¬†education¬†said about¬†this phenomenon of the must of having your own bag, when you are heading to some specific stores, in CA, lately.

Jacky: Well! If you ask me about bags, and having my own. I can do it, but I feel, it’s greed.

  • How’s that?

Big stores exploit poor people, for example Walmart, if charge ¬Ę10 for a bag, with one million of their customers, they will make $ 10,000,000. So this is greed, greed, greed, don’t they have enough profit from us?!

Mary: Very cheap method, whoever invented that or came up with that idea, is mean & twisted in her/his thinking. Cheap coz it targets low-income people, in higher level stores, they do not do that to their customers, I am sure.

bg1Sammy: The whole idea started as if they care for people not to be exposed for plastic materials, and then that evaporated, they could have used paper bags, if they do care. It shows¬†disrespect¬†for the mentality of people. They underestimate how people think of issues like¬†this. It’s application was mandatory, not justified.¬†

Ricky: Oh! Totally inconvenient, coz every time, I go to one of these stores, of course, I never remember to bring a bag with me, I don’t know if I was going to buy, or not. It’s tiring to keep remember all these things. I rather carry them in my hand, but not pay one cent.

Pauline: My family members refuse to pay for bags, we don’t go to stores where they do not provide the bags. It feels, as if they do not want more customers, so they add to their burdens. May be..

Vu: In Alaska, we do not have this ugly issue. Nothing is like that.

bg2Tommy-Lee: Sometimes I pay the ¬Ę10, but only if I had to, because the cashier¬†embarrassed¬†me¬†asking very loudly “Do you want a bag?” with his tone saying “do you have money to pay for the damn bag” or that is how I feel.

Gerry: Not right, but it is done. Some think it’s a way of showing off that the¬†¬Ę10 is nothing for them, but the truth is it is not about the¬†¬Ę10!

Lucy: My grandma said, if people don’t say no, how could the store management know about our disapproval of such a bad policy. She also said, as a housewife, they boycotted in the past many products, and they succeed in killing the greed of producers. Stores used to compete with each other on having a better looking bags of their own!

Najat: I ¬†have many bags in my car all the time, since that started to happen, so I wouldn’t have to pay that ridiculous ¬Ę10. This is an extra cost, so they ¬†raised up the prices of the goods, in addition to¬† ¬Ę10/bag. So¬†bizarre¬†ūüė¶

bg7Now you see, not even one person is happy about paying the ¬Ę 10 for a bag, and each one of them has a legitimate reason. Logically-speaking, all of them are right, and we agree with them, but our agreement with them is not enough. Have your voice, and your actions like ours. Refuse to buy those bags, until they adjust¬†that policy, and bring back, the way it should have been, and it should have continued to be.

Dear Stores: “Your customers are impressed with the quality of your products. The type of bags that you use leaves a long-lasting impression. It reflects on your store ‚Äď your brand.” We hope that you re-consider your policy, to have everyone happy instead of that overall 1Zumba burr ūüėČ

We love you all 1Zumba friends, and next time, we will talk about our entertainment. It’s quite interesting subject, we will introduce some new methods, in the way to you soon ūüėČ


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