Puzzling Diverting!

Welcome back all friends everywhere! 😉

“An obsession! Trying to cancel the guy”, Rep Jordan explained. 

A speech that is protected by 1st amendment was edited where one line was omitted “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard”, in order to manipulate the viewers and the audience. Shame! Illegal, disrespectful, stupid but diverting you from the main points: the Unconstitutionality, the pre-planned facts, and others such as the impeachment proposed by Rep Greene.

Mean DivertingOmitting words of the Speech to manipulate everyone who is watching, Unbelievable! Crooks! Is this a game? Is this legal? Those Republicans who failed to unite  with the rest: Is this how you serve the People and the Justice? Wake up and unify.

This is so mean so disrespectful for the People. Puzzling in meanness.

Until we chat again, 3 more days for Valentine’s Day, are you planning for giving a gift for someone you appreciate? With our hugs and kisses

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