Wendy, 1Zumba Friend!

Here we go again, welcome and thank you for coming. It’s been wonderful to have you all with us: the US,the UK, Germany, Vietnam, Slovenia, Peru, Croatia, Thailand 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, we miss you! How’re you doing? Probably, we’ll talk soon. Remember, it’s never late to contact us. Around the clock, we are, haha 😉

We have a great interview today, with one of our 1Zumba friends, and 1ZumbaCircles FB Group. It’s quite entertaining to chat to people, as well as quite informative, coz sometimes, just a little bit of info could be the “word” you were looking for all your life. You never know!

Anyway,  Wendy Rabanales

Wendy Rabanales's Profile Photo
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is talking to us openly and honestly about her hopes, and her dreams in life. Our competition will be the last part of this article. Stay with us for more, after that part!

– What is your job?
– What is your hobby?
– Do you have a family?
– What is your dream?
– What places you like to see?
– Would you like to come to the US?
– Who is your American favorite actor?
– Do you watch American movies?
My job is selling perfumes in catalogues.

My hobby I like going to tae bo and buzzes. (I’m not sure about the translation of this part, if you can help me with it, pls do send your comment to us).

I have family I have two children aged 14 and 7 years and a stepdaughter 24 ke has a daughter from a good year kon my husband did not live very well yevo with my parents.

My dream is to be happy and give the best to my children because with economy can not give a better life to them.

Irtra Retalhuleu . Ke is the largest IRTRA of Guatemala.

I love all actors from the US: Johnny Depp,  Mel Gibson, n  Tom Cruise.

Pirates of the Caribbean is my best movie.

  • Do you work everyday?
  • Did you learn any English?
  • Do you like to come to America?
  • Do you like music?
  • What is your best English song?
  • What message do you have for people?

I work every day.

springBefore I studied but I kase with my husband and I was  no longer studying.

Two reasons to work and earn money for my children and the other for knowing that very Libdo country and prune konoser a zumba instructor Doris Berry.

I like bachata reggaeton perreo English music

Do not cry ses grads rouses Ke ke dream fight x busken of God xke without we are nothing.

It has been very interesting interview as you all see. We do thank Wendy for sharing Image result for info steal from your callher interests with us, and we wish her all the best in her future plans.

Another subject, just came up, again, the internet security, and how people can reach you, and falsely claim things, and you sometimes trust them, and then you’d discover that they had other intentions, in mind. So a warning for everyone, be cautious with the internet. 

Our last stop is our Competition, and the question no. 60. We’re approaching the 100 Questions, guys. So, for your guidance, you’d find the “competition” tag/category  appear on the main page of our site, when the article contains a question from this competition. 

I think, I mentioned that before, but I’m repeating it for readers who are interested in not missing any of our 100 questions, to get their prizes.


We reach the end of our session very fast, but we will talk soon, about new things, new horizons. Until then, give me your hugs and kisses 😉

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