Orphans of Uganda, 1Z!

Thank you friends and readers from the US, Mexico, South Korea, Peru, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia, n Australia 😉

Love comes easy when you see a kid, my dear 1Zumba friends! 🙂

It has been a pleasure to receive an email from one of our dear members, who was asking for a special interview about a non-profit project which originated in Kampala, Uganda.

Basic information and project summary:

Orphan children s aid project(O.C.A.P) is a community based organization (CBO) and fully registered to welfare and community services department Kampala capital city authority.(KCCA)

OCAP aims to assist abandoned and orphaned children in Kampala District ,we provide the basic necessities of life and education in a caring environment which is culturally appropriate .Our support continues as the children make to the transition to adulthood.


OCAP founded by Pastor William Mwessa in 2000 after the death of his beloved wife remaining with one child and in the same time a neighbor woman lost her husband and remained with four orphans .today we care 27 children .

Our organization is 15 years of service and have much work to do,we offer assistance to orphans in Kampala ,we believe in children,they are the most important resource for the future.Greater investment in children by parents and societies is essential to the achievement of sustained economic growth social development therefore the promotion to well-being and potential of all children ,adolescents and youth is a crucial objective .

OCAP expressed its commitment that objective when it adopted the convention on the rights of the child ,their rights to a standard of living adequate for their health and well being including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services and being right to education always ensured.


Agape sponsorship program is designed to impact every aspect of a child s life.

Sponsored children receive life changing assistance in areas such as Education ,Nutrition,Health,youth.

MISSION is to bring real and lasting change to children living in poverty in partnership with contributors we reduce their daily struggles invest in their potential and provide them with the opportunity to grow up healthy ,educated and prepared to succeed and contribute to society.

VISION striving as a team we are creating a future hope for children .We are renowned for compassion for children of all faiths and cultural backgrounds .We are inspired by Christ s example of personal caring love.

VALUES Results Respect, integrity,team work and Excellence

We enjoy hearing from contributors and friends
P.O.BOX 4866 Kampala Uganda

Thank you dear 1Zumba friends for helping others, especially kids. I love you all guys, keep  in touch, expecting to hear from you soon ❤


Mwessa William Magezi
CEO/ founder
Agape Children’s Aid Uganda
Agape Kids Home
P.O BOX 4866 Kampala Uganda (EA)
Tel +256414663592
Email:    info@agapekidsaid.org 


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