Tough!! (2)

Of course! You need the answer. Welcome back friends from everywhere; especially from the US, India, Germany, Poland, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, and Réunion 😉

We suggested two questions in our previous post “Tough“. Just make sure that you Image result for drawing happy studenttried to answer them first, then check on our answers. Anyway, it’s up to you, and your curiosity level anyway.

Here’s the first answer:

The correct answer is  – A
(i) is equivalent to “If you are a leader, you issue commands.”
(ii) is equivalent to “If people issue commands they are not low paid.” Thus, A follows logically from the premises.

Here’s the second answer:

The correct answer is -B
Let  or assume that: p=you exercise
                                       q= you feel good
                                       r= you will eat less
Then the two statements given are in the forms:
i. (If p then q)
ii. (If q then r)

I hope you’re happy to get the answers. Perhaps you would agree that sometimes, it is tough for us or for our kids to get the right answers, not because we are not smart enough, but because it is calculated from a different angle. That is all.

Thank you, and remember to check on our topics page to catch up with what you’ve missed.

Until we talk again, here’s our kisses ❤


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