Americans’ One Heart!

Welcome back friends from everywhere! 😉

Damage to businesses and looting is not a protest, it’s a criminal act. These are gangs thugs. This is not a game this is not fun. Wake up Media!

Those who encourage thugs are not seeing the right image. Don’t confuse a decent protest with a gangster loot.

Covid19 was able to shut down the whole world, do you think it’s hard to shut down a few social networks?

When FB or TW try to play with the stability of this country, the way they did with others, they will be stopped.

Why FB is blocked in some countries? I think you all know the answer. It doesn’t take a high IQ to know why.

Let no one turn you against your beloved country. Everyone has a job to do, a duty to perform, and a life to live.

No place here for those who destroy your stability.

Until we chat again, you know what to do to stabilize your life with our hugs and kisses

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